Trendy Korean Alcoholic Drink: Makgeolli Shake

Discover the trendy Korean alcoholic drink, Makgeolli Shake! Experience the fusion of sweet, bitter, and fizzy tastes with this delightful beverage made from traditional rice wine, vanilla custard, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla ice cream, and ice cubes. Perfectly pair it with Korean dishes and explore other trendy Korean drink recipes. Purchase your Makgeolli Shake now!

Traditional Korean Chicken Noodle Soup: Dak Kalguksu

Learn how to make Traditional Korean Chicken Noodle Soup, Dak Kalguksu. This comforting dish is made with knife-cut noodles and a flavorful broth. Garnished with succulent chicken and fragrant green onions, it’s a satisfying meal that can be enjoyed all year round. Discover the cultural significance and health benefits of Dak Kalguksu. Get the recipe and try it yourself!